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Daniilidis Nurseries are activated of a certain sector of saplings from 1978. An achieved course of 30 years and innumerable customers, rendering Daniilidis nurseries as one of the biggest enterprises of nurseries in Imathia, and why not in entire Greece.

The research of market, the even organization, the innovative solutions, the use of new technology and the big experience of Daniilidis nurseries provide each year to cultivators, plants of high quality and big efficiency. In our nursery we have the ability to produce plants in suitable rootstocks for your own ground and adapted in the local climate of your region. Daniilidis nurseries produce plants that can be certified with certificates of export or integration in programs.

The last five years, Daniilidis nurseries pioneer in the growth of plants for biological cultures. In our nursery you will find compete solutions for biological cultures, as plants in suitable rootstocks and forestall plants for the creation of protective hedge. Our business will operate unit of standardization and trading of biological products. You can visit us and inform about the saplings that we have available. We will be glad to hear your reflections and your opinion.

We remain next to cultivator and strengthen the development of culture with innovations, improvements and modern proposals

Plant Nurseries - Premises

in our premises, there is a huge exhibition area consisting of 4 greenhouses and 4 parterre boxes, where you can find all of our plants. More...

Ανακοινώσεις - Νέα

15/10/2011: Νέες Αποκλειστικές Ποικιλίες Σταφυλιών κατάλληλες για καλλιέργεια στα Βαλκάνια.Περισότερα....

15/12/2010: Στα φυτώρια μας θα βρείτε φυτά κάπαρης. Περισσότερα

10/11/2009: Υπάρχει διαθέσιμος Ζεόλιθος για τις βιολογικές σας καλλιέργειεςΠερισότερα....

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